EVE Fanfest is on right now!

The EVE Online fan convention, EVE Fanfest, kicked off today in beautiful Reykjavik, Iceland. It’s a huge 3-day convention for the game, featuring tournaments, giveaways, panels, concerts, and previews of CCP’s upcoming game in the EVE universe, Dust 514.

Of course, if you’re not lucky enough to already live on the greatest island in the northern Atlantic, you’re probably not attending. So for you, there’s the EVE Fanfest livestream, which is live right now, for free, right here. And it’s even mostly in english! You can also spring for a high definition stream as well, and if you happen to be an active EVE player, buying into the HD stream will net you some exclusive in-game items.

Everything else you’ll need to know, including a full event schedule, is over on the event website.

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