EVE Online – New Eden Open Tournament

EVE Online is ramping up for their six-day tournament with a prize pot of $10,000.  The tournament is called New Eden Open, and it will feature over 500 players and 27 teams competing for the prize.  

The dev blog goes into more detail on the event and all the information you need leading up to it.  If you are one of the teams involved you will no doubt need to be heading over the blog to find out all the vital details on where to practice and how the brackets are set up.  

The New Eden Open will begin on November 17th and has various matches set up through December 2nd, the championship date.  There will be plenty to look forward to for the viewers as well, as CCP has stated that their will be many contests and giveaways throughout the event.

The Studio had hoped for 32 teams, but is happy with the turn-out and has closed the door to any further registrations.

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