EverQuest Headed for F2P

For many MMO fanatics, EverQuest was the beginning of a lifelong passion. Launched in 1999, EverQuest stands alongside games like Ultima Online as the first in a burgeoning industry. And many of EverQuest?s notable developers and players went on to work at studios like Blizzard, developing the modern online games we?ve come to love so much.

EverQuest still has a strong playerbase, but Sony is hoping to land itself a few new customers in the near future. The company has just announced that EverQuest will officially go free-to-play this March, the month that EQ turns 13. The move is designed to bring new life to the game, which has seen a steady decline in players over the last few years.

Naturally, the free-to-play version will be subject to the typical F2P limitations. Free players will have access to certain parts of the game, but ?Silver? subscribers will have more content and added perks. You?ll also be able to customize your payment plan, giving you the freedom to set an EverQuest budget.

We?ll just have to see how this new turn works out for the legendary MMO. Free-to-play shifts have done wonders for struggling MMOs in the past, but EQ has been out for over a decade ? it will be interesting to see if there are players who haven?t tried it.


Source: Game Kudos

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