EverQuest II Server Consolidation, Campaign Updates & More

Holly Longdale, Producer with the EverQuest II team, today posted a new state of the game letter via the official forums, informing players about the latest information regarding the consolidating of servers. Longdale explains to readers that the effort to consolidate the servers is not an admittance of defeat or “evasive language” used by the developers, instead it is the general new approach undertaken by the now named Daybreak Game Studio.

[quote cite=”Holly Longdale, EverQuest II Producer”]We think our best path is to consolidate some lower population servers into a new server and build a brand new server community from those players. Those players moving will get a title naming their original server that can be worn with pride! And we will run a vote for the servers being consolidated to choose a new name for the new server based on the recent submissions we’ve had. We don’t know which servers yet, but that’s our next task. [/quote]

Additionally the state of the game letter keeps players interest on the next campaign update high as Longdale announced that the update is on track for the previously announced fall release, with the initial prelude event expected to arrive as early as September.

Source: Official Forums

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