Expansion II: Survival Now On PTS For Tom Clancy’s The Division

Those looking to sample the next expansion for Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s The Division can do so today as the developers announced Expansion II: Survival is now available to download and play on the Public Test Server for PC players until November 13th.

Tom Clancy’s The Division – Expansion 2 – Survival Reveal Trailer [UK]

The Public Test Server will be used to test all of the content in Update 1.5 including Survival, a brand new game mode similar to Battle Royale and King of the Kill modes from other games. In the new Survival mode players will face extreme conditions after their chopper is downed in the Dark Zone. Information on a potential cure is what drives the Division Agents further into the Dark Zone as they start each Survival map with no equipment or items. Finding warm clothing, important supplies and medicine is vital to survival but they must also be cautious of 23 other Division Agents that are also attempting to find the cure while fighting off potential competition.

Survival mode will support PvP and PvE modes. In PvP the Rogue mechanic is not present, Division Agents are free to fight against, or work with, other Agents as they please.

Source: Press Release

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