Feast On Your Rivals In New Final Fantasy XIV Patch

Square Enix today released a brand new update for the award-winning Final Fantasy XIV as Patch 3.21 sees the introduction of the highly anticipated PvP mode, The Feast. In this exciting new PvP mode players will play in teams of 4 or 8 and attempt to steal medals belonging to the other team. Various boosts come into play, from supply boxes and other items, to mix up the combat and provide the teams with different buffs and penalties.

[quote]Players of the Feast will also be able to participate in a ranked PvP system, introduced for the first time in FINAL FANTASY XIV with Patch 3.21 . The initial update will mark the beginning of the pre-season period, where players can get acquainted with the ranking system, before Season One officially commences in Patch 3.25. Top competitors will receive special awards at each season’s end. Player ranks will be updated daily on the Lodestone.[/quote]

More information on the new PvP mode in FFXIV, check out the official website.

Source: Press Release

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