Feast Your Eyes On The Hot Models From Tank Domination

I had a rather strangely titled email arrive today “Tank Porn”. I would like to say it was professional curiosity that spurred me on to read it, but in fact I was just being downright dirty. Anyway, GameInsight have released a bunch of sexy new screenshots for their upcoming cross-platform tank combat MMO, Tank Domination.

Tank Domination is a near-future based combat simulation title that will offer fully real-time 3D combat, destructible environments, 30 different vehicles types and impressive 10 vs. 10 PvP, all in the palm of your hand.

The new images showcase the high quality models used by a number of the available vehicles in-game. You can view each of the images in the gallery located at the bottom of this post. Any of the tanks get your juices flowing?

If you want to find out more about Tank Domination, you can view the official website here.

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