Fiesta Online – New Upgrade to Mount System

Outspark, a free-to-play publisher of MMORPGs, has surprised their Fiesta Online?community with a new upgrade to their highly popular mount system. Fiesta players will be able to take friends for a ride anywhere they want in the world of Isya. Outspark introduced a two-person “>
The update to Fiesta Online will also include a Zip Board that hovers and speeds around town doing flips and tricks. 

“As one of the premiere party MMOs, we’re really psyched to be offering Fiesta fans these super fun ways to enjoy the holidays this season. This upgrade to the mount system has been one of the most requested items for months now and player feedback since launch has been incredibly strong!” said Philip Yun, CEO, Outspark.

The Buddy Bike and Zip Board will be available this weekend.

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