Firefall Open Beta & Founders Package Details

Following a successful closed beta weekend Red 5 Studios have revealed new Founder’s packages and the starting date of the open beta period for the highly anticipated free MMO game, Firefall. It’s one of those games that seems to have been in closed beta forever but with the final reveal of the official open beta, fans finally have a concrete date to get excited about.

There are 3 Founder’s packages available to purchase, each offering players instant access to the closed beta as well as a variety of in-game goodies. Currently the 3 tiers range in price from $20 up to $100. Each package offers more value than the in-game premium price and the bonuses include exclusive pets, experience points boosts, the ability to reserve your in-game name and even some real life goodies in the form of a Firefall Beanie.

The Founder’s package programs has infiltrated many a popular free MMO game in recent months, with many developers using it to aid development costs prior to release. Most would agree that pay to play is a dying business model and the pre-release purchase option appears to be a main source of income for many a budding developer.

The official open beta start date will give players the opportunity to explore the exciting game world of Firefall beginning July 9th. So for those that have been waiting months and months, there’s not long left now!

For more information on the available Founders packages, visit the official website.

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