Firefall Store Launch

Red 5 Studios has invited beta testers for their ?free to play action shooter Firefall to join them today at The Copacabana, the game’s new item shop. The event marks the shop’s introduction into the game along with New You, a character customization feature, as well as a new PvP map, The Rig. The event will kick off at 7:00 p.m. Pacific.

Here are some of the new things you’re going to see in this update:

  • Introduction of the New You terminal
    • With brand new technology, you can now customize your own DNA.
    • Change your hair color, skin tone, even the shape of your face at the nearest New You station.
    • You can also find fun new customizations for your battleframe showing everyone that you are a unique snowflake.
  • Luau Larry has set up shop in CopaCabana
    • Luau Larry is known across New Eden for his fun, and sometimes useful, items.
    • Where he gets them, no one knows, but everyone loves an animated Tiki Pet.
    • Larry’s Store will open on Friday, August 24th @ 7pm Pacific. Join Red 5 for this momentous occassion in Copacabana.
  • Brand new PvP map, The Rig.
    • An old Omnidyne-M mining facility has been located off the coast of New Eden.
    • The fight for control of this facility begins now.
    • New 5v5 TDM map with mostly interior fighting.
  • Founder’s Packs with special items and discounts will be available first day of PAX, August 31st. More details next week.

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