Firefly Online Revealed – Comic Con 2013

Several of my TV to MMO articles touched on big science-fiction franchises, such as Andromeda and Farscape, but there was one that escaped my grasp, Firefly. The hugely popular TV series was another masterpiece from acclaimed director Joss Whedon but despite its droves of followers, Firefly was cut short and seemed to disappear off the planet. With the recent success of original series reboots from Lovefilm and Netflix many were expecting some Firefly news, but not to this extent.

But alas, Spark Plug Games has pleased Firefly fans everywhere with the release of an official reveal trailer for Firefly Online at this years San Diego Comic-Con. The game was actually advertised as a ?multi-user social role playing game? over that of an actual MMO games but it’s clear to most that it has many MMO qualities.

It’s more than likely going to be a poor attempt at capturing yet another IP in the mobile space but Spark Plug Games have been successful in the past. I think most fans would have preferred the announcement of a second season but sadly this will have to do for now.


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