Fish ‘N’ Ships Ahoy! Latest Trove Update Arrives

Updates ahoy! Trion Worlds today released the highly anticipated update for the voxel-based MMORPG Trove introducing an exciting new class and several new activities in the Fish ‘N’ Ships patch. Players can now enjoy a new fishing system, brave the challenges of the new Treasure Isles activities, fend off daring pirates and enjoy the new Pirate Captain class, complete with annoyingly chirpy parrot companion.

Players can now purchase their own ships from the ship house before customizing elements to make the ship more unique and personal. New level 70 and 80 mastery rewards have also been added to allow veteran Trove players to unlock the ability to sail almost instantly.

Once aboard your own vessel of opportunity head to the high seas and explore Troves vast oceans in a new biome that features Treasure Isles – exciting areas that promise great opportunity to rare and expensive treasures for those skilled enough to brave the dangers nearby.

If the high seas, deadly pirates and mysterious Treasure Isles are a little too thrilling for your personal liking why not take to a bit of fishing? Trove players can now enjoy the relaxing past time complete with unique collections of rare and valuable fish.

Source: Official Website

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