Flyff World Championship

The Flyff World Championship was recently held and came down to an exciting finale between two US teams. Teams from Germany to Brazil to Indonesia and more trained for months to compete for a prize pool worth $100,000. In the end it was teams the from the US that took first and second place. The finals came down to Invictus and SOD with Invictus winning 5 of 6 hotly contested PvP battles. For winning the championship Invictus will reveive $50,000 and a trip to Korea to meet Gala-Lab, the developers of Flyff and attend GStar 2011 the biggest games concention in Korea.  For claiming second place SOD will receive $20,000 and both teams will get unique in game armor. Flyffs community manager RabidFish, who refereed the final match had this to say ?The finals were everything our community could have hoped for. From the get-go both US teams felt that they knew the game best and they proved it. Our community got to bring the finals home and see 1st and 2nd place awarded to the friends and players they?ve known throughout Flyff?s storied history, which now has another amazing chapter thanks to the Flyff World Championship.?

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