Forge of Empires open beta begins tomorrow

The newest in browser strategy based game from Inno Games named Forge of Empires will finally be going into open beta tomorrow. The game is reminiscent of The Settler Online but has more of a focus on the building of large and powerful armies. Using the same style as the classic PC game Age of Empires you must work to build up your colony from the lowly stone age through the centuries upgrading as you go.

Forge of Empires has been in a closed beta stage up till now so many of the original glitches and limited features have been fixed. The open beta will include many more features such as; enhanced PVP, larger communities, more buildings and more quests. With new areas as well they open beta promises to be a fresh experience, one that anyone can participate in. The German version of the open beta will be available this coming Thursday and will support all the aspects of the English version. For those looking to sign up for the open beta, head on over to the official site. If you enjoy strategy games where economy is as important as military be sure to give Forge of Empires a try in the open beta.

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