Founder’s Packs Now Available For Paragon

Epic Games today announced that potential players are now able to purchase special Founder’s Packs for the upcoming MOBA Paragon, offering a variety of exciting incentives including an Early Access Season Pass, special in-game content and more. There are 3 tiers of Founder’s Packs available ranging from $19.99 to $99.99.

[quote cite=”Epic Games”]
A Founder’s Pack is your ticket to Epic’s new MOBA Paragon, and the Early Access Season. By purchasing a Founder’s Pack, you’ll be able to play March 18, get a great value on in-game content, and help shape the future of the game. Progress is real. That means no account wipes or resets.

Paragon is designed so that every player can compete and win without ever spending money. All heroes are free, and cards can only be earned by playing the game. Because Paragon is in early access, you’ll encounter bugs and other rough edges. If you’d rather wait, Paragon will be free in Open Beta during the summer of 2016.[/quote]

To secure your Founder’s Pack and guarantee Beta access for the upcoming event on March 18th, check out the official website at the link below.

Source: Official Website

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