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You are here because you are looking for free online MMORPG Games.  Now I could go on and on about how these are the best free MMOs and how no other free online mmorpg list is better than this.  But i’m not going to do that to you.  This is just simply a list of a few free online MMO games that you can start playing right away.  Just me being helpful to the internet world and wanting to bring a little joy to your day.  That’s it!  

Enjoy this list and let me know what you think of the games in the comments.

[heading]Lord of Ultima[/heading]

Lord of Ultima is great for people who like city-building strategy games. It’s playable right in your browser and has a lot of cool features that will keep you coming back to the game again and again.

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Edgeworld is great because it mixes that great sci-fi feel with online strategy elements. The best part is the intense battle between the three factions trying to take over the planet that you are based on. Get in there and help them out!

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You have to actually be skilled to be good at this game. It is not for the casual gamer who just wants to play for 30 minutes between dinner and bed. you will get hooked!

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[heading]WarMage Battlegrounds[/heading]

Configure a powerful army with an enormous amount of spells, units, artifacts and magic and then vanquish your enemies in exciting battles As the commander of your combat force, you are only seconds away from an awesome game!

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[heading]Call of Gods[/heading]

Call of Gods is so beautifully crafted and well thought out that you won’t even realize you’re playing a real time strategy game. You just may will actually think that you are battling to live to see another day. It’s that intense!

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[heading]Goodgame Empire[/heading]

I know you’re going to immediately think the graphics are a little too cartoony for me. Well that may be, but what lies behind these cartoony graphics is an awesome city-building strategy game. Trust me when I say you’ll want to give this game a try.

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[heading]Dragons of Atlantis[/heading]

Dragons of Atlantis is sure to catch your eye if you are in to fantasy type games. Dragons and the city of Atlantis? Yes, you read it right. Give this game a try if only to see how great it melds the two.

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[heading]The Settlers Online[/heading]

This is one of the better RTS games out there right now. Ubisoft would not let you down when making a strategy game. You can trust me on that.

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[heading]Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances[/heading]

The legendary Command and Conquer series lends it’s gaming prowess to this awesome browser based game. You know they wouldn’t place the C&C name on just any strategy game. This one has it all!

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[heading] League of Legends[/heading]

It may not come as a surprise to many of you that League of Legends make this list. This game is by far one of the best in the market. If you haven’t played it yet, I beg of you to click the Play Now button. You will not be sorry!

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Thanks for taking a look at my free online MMORPG Games list and be sure to check out all of our great games and news and articles on the site!

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