Free-To-Play Multiplayer Arena BattleSouls Heading To Steam

Pixeleap today announced that the upcoming, action-packed, free-to-play multiplayer battle arena, BattleSouls, will be making its Steam debut on May 12th. A fast-paced multiplayer action game, BattleSouls promises to entertain players with hours of endless fun in a class-based arena shooter that offers a variety of special skills and abilities for each player – alongside the unique mechanic of being able to switch classes freely during battle.

[quote cite=”Pixeleap CEO Peter Kjaer”]“Balancing close-quarters and ranged attacks is absolutely crucial to success in BattleSouls. We’re inspired by games like Team Fortress 2 and we believe it shows in the frantic battles as well as the colorful arenas where the action takes place.”[/quote]

BattleSouls Announcement Trailer

BattleSouls Feature Highlights:


  • 5 unique classes ranging from Knights focused on melee attacks to Wizards focused on ranged attacks, each has their own gameplay style, active and passive abilities
  • Strategic game-changing class swap mechanics done on the fly
  • 4 vibrant arenas, each with their own strategy of attacking and defending
  • Fast-paced online multiplayer combat in 10-15 minute sessions
  • Remember, in BattleSouls, Class Change is King. But, fun with friends is absolutely necessary.


BattleSouls will be available to download and play for free via Steam on May 12th.

Source: Press Release

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