Futher Destiny Leaks Supports Datamined Content

Following the release of the latest patch for Bungie’s Destiny a number of lucky players have reported a unique glitch that appears to give additional credit to information datamined from the games files. The original leak from DestinyTracker includes some information on the potential updates and new content coming with the two previously announced expansions.

One YouTuber recorded the glitch that affected the map screen following last weeks patch. The bug allows players to highlight areas of the map screen that are currently empty space but which show certain text prompts including “expansions required” and “requirements not met” – both of which were present when players attempted to access planets that were visible, but not interactive, during the beta periods.


Some of the information seen in the video above was previously leaked via datamining efforts but visual in-game confirmation has led many to believe these are indeed the contents of both upcoming expansions. The new content includes brand new Strike and Story missions alongside exciting new Crucible content that allows players to earn more rewards for consecutive wins.

Source: Reddit

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