Gaikai announces Wikipad game streaming

In a notice today, Gaikai has announced the partnership they have recently made with Wikipad. For those who are unaware, Wikipad is a company that builds a tablet that has an attachable gaming controller. Gaikai will be integrating their software into this tablet bringing AAA console titles to a tablet.

The Wikipad does not yet have a release date, although many details can be seen here on the official Wikipad website. The tablet is the first of it’s kind to offer 3D visuals without glasses. Also offering capabilities such as dual analog, d-pads and other basic controller buttons. Gaikai is consistently bringing fresh ideas to the market and this is no exception. With the use of their other technologies streaming games onto your tablet will be quick and easy. Only time will tell if streaming AAA titles on the go is something people are interested in or not.

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