Gamebox Reveals Inferno Legend

Gamebox today gave fans a sneak peak of their upcoming MMORPG with a new website and teaser trailer for Inferno Legends. Gamebox, the developers behind the likes of Odin Quest and General War, are proud to announce the free-to-play MMORPG coming PC browsers and mobile platforms.

The game boasts “stunning graphics” with “smooth gameplay” to provide players with an action-packed online adventure. The teaser trailer and website lack any in-game footage and information surrounding the games features, but most of the previous titles from Gamebox have been moderately successful.

The developers have said that they want to aim for a hardcore audience with a nontraditional storyline. Instead of the typical world saving protagonist approach players will play the role of the Devil, living in an underground cave as they learn new abilities and punish the humans of the Overworld.

If you register for the Inferno Legend closed beta before release you’ll be treated to a special gift of $4.99 worth of in-game currency.

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