Games That You Fall In And Out Of Love With – MMOpinion

Everyone has their games that they play for long periods of time.  This is especially true in the world of MMOs, where games can last for centuries it seems. You may be in your 8th year of playing World of Warcraft, or in your 14th year of playing Everquest.  It’s natural for anything that you do for such an extended period of time to go through some highs and lows.  Sometimes you’re sick of playing a game because you feel you can’t progress any further, or maybe you’ve just found the new flavor of the week/month/year. 

If you’re like me though, there is always something that will bring you back to your favorite game.  You will continue to find enjoyment in it even if it takes leaving the game behind to realize how much you miss it.

What are some games that you fall in and out of love with?  Have you been playing them for years?  Why do you keep coming back?

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