Gaming Products – Do You Or Don’t You?

As with practically everything that gets popular in today’s financially driven society, gaming has spawned a huge variety of additional products outside of the games themselves. We’ve got our regular suspects in the form of typical gaming peripherals, limited edition keyboards, mousemats and more; but nowadays there’s a little more on offer.

Firstly lets tackle gaming food. I’m not talking about the likes of Slim Jims, Nachos and Twinkies, I’m talking about food actually aimed at gamers. On a slightly unrelated note, last year I finally understood why many consider America to be one of the most obese countries in the developed world, I had my first Twinkie. I can honestly say, If I had regular access to those I’d join the ranks of the biggest within weeks.

Anyway, back onto the subject of actual gaming food. There are two big dogs on the market today Gamer Grub and Gamer Food. Both products take a similar approach in order to appeal to gamers, offering finger-free snacking without any of the mess caused by traditional snacks.

Gamer Food boasts incredible amounts of energy within each pack, equivalent to that of 3 cans of Red Bull; and it has the support of popular gaming figures such as Fatal1ty.

Gamer Grub on the other hand avoids the energy side of things, instead using vitamins and neurotransmitters as a selling point; a snack that is claimed to aid gamers during long sessions or while multitasking.

Outside of gaming food, there are plenty of other products trying to separate gamers from their hard earned dineros. One of the more unique of the bunch is GUNNARS Optik Eyewear. These technologically advanced gaming glasses are designed to optimize and enhance vision while protecting eyes from the strain of long-term exposure to TV and PC screens.

I’m not going to pretend to believe any claims made by a company trying to sell products, and that belief spreads across every area of retail. But as a gamer I do often find myself intrigued by these kinds of products, after all they attempt to attract gamers and I do enjoy spending some time in a virtual space.

What are your thoughts? Do you have a gaming peripheral or product you swear by? Have you tried any of the products above? Let us know below.

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