Get Romantic With Robots This Valentine’s Day

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Masthead Studios today revealed some exciting upcoming events to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the unique MMOTPS game, Guns and Robots. The free-to-play cartoon shooter will see a number of exciting events kick off for Valentine’s Day, beginning a little ahead of time on February 10th.

Players that brave the challenges ahead will be treated to a sufficient number of credits and a certain few will unlock the big Valentine’s Day reward – a brand new weapon ability that “charms” opponents until they’re completely helpless.

The first of the two events will introduce a brand new game mode to Guns and Robots, tasking players with protecting a VIP player throughout a deathmatch game. Each successful defense of the VIP will award teams with additional points that can accumulate towards that big Valentine’s Day reward. Masthead Studios also announced the “Heartbreaking” contest event, with a large supply of credits available for the victors.

For more information on the game and future events, visit the official website.

Source: Press Release

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