Ghost Recon Phantoms Is Better Than Ever

Despite its rather rocky past as Ghost Recon Online, Ghost Recon Phantoms has undergone a dramatic list of changes in recent months, culminating in an exciting Steam giveaway weekend as announced today by developers Ubisoft. The main focus of the development process in recent weeks has been the refining of the new player experience, increasing the responsiveness and balance – introducing new players to an entirely revamped beginning experience.

Based on the feedback following the last patch the developers have announced update 1.2 that brings with it a huge list of rebalancing and reactivity changes for weapons, animations, reload times and devices.

big changes don’t stop at game play, newcomers can progress five times
faster with bigger level-up rewards and take home competitive weapons in
the first five hours of gameplay. Not only is it easier than ever to
earn firepower and settle the score against veteran players, but it is
also easier for starting players to learn at their own pace with the
newly improved Beginner and Lieutenant’s Playlist. The Playlist allows
them to train longer against each other before taking on seasoned

To celebrate the vast improvements to Ghost Recon: Phantoms the developers announced a special Steam event for this weekend only. Players can download a single Free Starter Bundle every day from July 11th to July 14th, valued at approximately $40.

Source: Press Release

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