Glitch Brings Peace To The Guild Wars 2 Front Line

The front lines of the epic World Vs. World feature in Guild Wars 2 is often awash with the remains of those that dared brave its lands but a recently discovered bug seemed to wash away the sins of yesterday as the Guild Wars 2 community stood toe to toe, in peace.

World Vs. World typically sees players from competing servers tearing each other apart for fame and glory, a feature that has long been at the forefront of Guild Wars 2’s main appeal since its launch 3 years ago. Although traditionally it was not peace and love to all that attracted players to its shores:

Players from Gunnar’s Hold, Riverside and Elona Reach once again met to test their mettle in the Eternal Battlegrounds but as the Stonemist Castle gates beckoned all within, foes turned to friends and a procession began.

[quote cite=”Event”]At 10pm BST, players from Gunnar’s Hold, Riverside and Elona Reach met in the Eternal Battlegrounds – the centre of WvW’s no-man’s land. As the gates of Stonemist Castle were opened, they shared stories and song. And as the spontaneous event began to wrap up, they decided to march.

Members of three worlds walked side-by-side in Stonemist’s lord room in a show of fleeting solidarity that will surely never be repeated – growing in number as the procession left the gates and spilled out into the Battlegrounds.[/quote]

Source: PCGamesN

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