Goat MMO Simulator

From the sick and demented minds of the people who brought you Goat Simulator, comes the latest in messed up gaming, Goat MMO Simulator. Basically Goat MMO Simulator is a free expansion, Update 1.2, to the original game which will feature the same zany goat action, in an MMO world.

The trailer and press release make the game seem like they are sort of ripping on World of Warcraft, with having a level cap of 101, among other things. The game, of course, doesn’t take itself too seriously with only minimal amount of quests and not a ton of content, at least at first. There are dinosaurs and mermaids for good measure though, so there’s at least that to look forward to.

Goat Simulator itself has been very successful with over 1.1 million copies sold on PC and over 500,000 on Mobile.

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