Gran Atlas Chapter 2: Astronomy Heading To Uncharted Waters Online

OGPlanet are excited to announce the next highly anticipated update for the free-to-play MMORPG Uncharted Waters Online, with the upcoming release of Gran Atlas Chapter 2 Astronomy, available to all players today June 25th. To celebrate the launch of Uncharted Waters Online latest expansion the developers today revealed an exciting new event that will see players unlock a variety of rare and valuable rewards via a new log-in event that promises new and exciting rewards each and every day.

Furthermore all new players exploring Uncharted Waters Online for the first time will be treated to a massive double experience points boost for any of the Adventure, Trade or Battle missions currently below level 35 – each counted separately. All players will be happy to hear of a huge 1.5 times Skill Proficiency increase rate that has been applied as a permanent buff.

For the first time in the MMO’s long history Gran Atlas Chapter 2: Astronomy will see the introduction of the new Astronomy skill that offers players the opportunity to search the realistic night sky in search of new constellations. Last up a new Aide Officer system has also been introduced, finally allowing high level aides to enter the fray and join the Royal Fleet.

Source: Press Release

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