Guild Wars 2 Coming to Consoles!

Fan-site Guild Wars Insider has rocked the MMO world today after they got the scoop on a Guild Wars 2 console port!  The console version information doesn’t state which console it will be, but it does say it will release after the PC version launches.

According to a quote from an NCSoft earnings call detailed by Guild Wars Insider, Beta testing will take place: “In March and April there will be large-scale testing for GW2; depending on results of testing a finalized commercialization schedule will be determined. The console version will be launched separately from the PC version at a later date.”

What this means is that Guild Wars 2 will see a wide expansion beyond it’s PC player-base.  If it’s pulled off right as well, Guild Wars 2 could be a major trailblazer in console MMO gameplay.

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