Guild Wars 2 – New Rewards & Achievements

Matt Wuerffel, a game designer on the hugely popular Guild Wars 2, has just published a new post on the official website including juicy details for a new reward and achievement system.

The first reward system that will be introduced will be focusing on a new currency; the Laurel. Alongside the regular rewards players receive, daily achievements will also offer plenty of laurels for players skilled enough to complete their daily category. A larger bonus is also available for players that complete their monthly set of achievements. New laurel merchants have been added to a variety of the larger cities in Tyria, each with a host of exciting rewards. For a full break down of the rewards featured in the new system you can check the official post here.

To compliment the new reward and currency systems Guild Wars 2 players can also look forward to a new achievement tracking system in the form of an updated UI. The new user interface will allow players to track their current achievements without leaving the excitement of on-screen combat, creating a constant flow of achieving alongside enjoying the game.

Below is a brief snippet on the future plans for the achievement system:

We are reexamining the way that daily and monthly achievements work and how they plug into the achievements system as a whole. In the future, we?ll be adding support to allow you to complete your dailies by finishing a subset from a larger list. We want to give you the freedom to play the content that interests you. The list will change daily to provide an array of options for earning your laurels. Pick what interests you, play, and be rewarded!

Many already consider Guild Wars 2 to be at the forefront of MMO games in 2013 but that won’t stop ArenaNet from pushing yet even more content into the most successful buy-to-play MMO on the market today.

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