Guild Wars 2 New Story Gets Mean

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

The most recent living story in Guild Wars 2 is about to come to a head.  Canach, the renegade who is behind the evil plot to use the creatures of Southsun to free settlers from the grasp of the Consortium, is getting called out.  The new story that rolls out on May 28th is just the next chapter in the game’s living story chain of achievements for the Flame and Frost update.

In the Last Stand at Southsun you will go head to head with Canach in a solo dungeon.  If you defeat him, you will open up some brand new group content that you can tackle with your friends and guildmates.  Other changes that are coming with the update are a new zone-stomping monster, and changes in the world vs. world content.  The events, achievements and rewards in ArenaNets latest MMORPG will be available until June 11th.

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