GunDog – Enters Beta

Earlier last month we brought you news of a brand new third person shooter with some card-collection elements to it.  That game was GunDog.  In addition to being a quirky third person shooter game, it also features dogs.  Yes, that’s right, Guns and Dogs, or GunDog.  Well today OGPlanet is announcing that the game is going into a beta testing period that will last for four days.  So from today, April 4th to Monday April 8th, players will have the opportunity to jump in to the World War-esque era shooter and take on other dogs with guns.

Interested players can sign up at to enter in on the action.  

GUNDOG Key Features:
  • 2 Rival Camps (Union & Empire),
  • 6 Different Playable Classes (with more in development)
  • Collectable Card System – Collect to unlock new playable characters, weapons, abilities, and more!
  • Over 50 Playable Characters (with more in development)
  • Customizable Characters & Load-outs
  • Unique Comic-influenced Art Style
  • Many Different Maps & Modes of Play
  • Engaging Tournaments & Leaderboards
  • Unique, Game-changing Skills
  • Free-to-Play, not Pay-to-Win

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