GunDog – Third Person Shooter Announced

Normally i’m against cruelty to animals, but in this case it seems OK.  OGPlanet has just announced a brand new third person shooter entitled GunDog.  The game surprisingly enough features both guns and dogs and more guns.  In the game you will be a newly recruited pup in the middle of a dog war.  We can call it World War Dogs, or Dog World War, either way you get the idea.

So yeah, dogs stand on their hind-legs and snipe the heads off of other dogs.  The game seems to mix some elements of Team Fortress 2 and Battlefield Heroes and some other third person shooter games.  There are a total of 6 different playable classes like a Sniper, Medic, Rifleman etc.  Oh, and there’s collectible cards in the game because why the hell not!  Collect cards to unlock new playable characters with new weapons and different abilities.  

For those interested, there will be a beta test running from April 4th through the 8th and you can sign up via their website!

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