Guns, Robots, Sieges And Medieval Castles!

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Masthead Studios have announced a brand new update for the free-to-play MMO shooter today, bringing a whole new map to the world of Guns and Robots. Following its open beta launch in January of this year Guns and Robots has amassed a highly dedicated following thanks to its comedic approach, in-depth progression mechanics and unrivaled robot construction features.

The new Siege map introduces a brand new arena that will see players fighting to the death in a medieval inspired castle, complete with a Dark Ages atmosphere. The castle is accompanied by a large surrounding area complete with crucial control points that teams will have to dominate in order to emerge victorious.

The new map is available now and compatible with all current game modes in Guns and Robots. For more information, or to play the game, you can visit the official Guns and Robots website here.

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