GunSwords – Beta Bash Events Incoming

Independent developers, One Button Studio, have just released some exciting information regarding their upcoming Beta Bash event for their turn-based PvP title, GunSwords. The series of weekly events coming with the Beta Bash will provide players with a variety of new activities aimed at providing new rewards and building the community. The events will begin every Thursday and Sunday, starting at 9am PST on Thursday February 14, with a variety of events planned such as double GP and Tin, weekly developer challenges and live streams via Twitch.

The Sunday sessions will follow different events and will become available between 3pm and 5pm PST time. For more information on the schedule and upcoming events you can visit the official website.

?Now that GunSwords has hit Open Beta it?s important that we?re bringing the community together?, said Dmitry Mikhalev, CEO of One Button Studio. ?These events provide everyone with a great opportunity to battle new players, give direct feedback or just get to know us as developers.?

GunSwords takes a unique approach to PvP gaming, offering players turn-based mechanics that shares similarities with titles like Company of Heroes. Players must build a powerful squad of units and fight enemy players in specially designed arenas. Winning battles and defeating opponents provides experience points and an increase in rank. The turn-based mechanics support hex grid movement, fog of war, and a variety of mixed ranged and melee features thanks to an exciting variety of available units.

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