HAWKEN Goes to Hollywood

Meteor Entertainment announces details about upcoming aspects to their transmedia approach for Hawken at the Archaia panel at San Diego Comic Con.  Hawken is a free to play first person mech shooter coming to PC on 12.12.12.  New art created by Francisco Ruiz Velasco (lead concept artist on Pacific Rim, Inhumans, conceptual artist on Hellboy 2, The Hobbit, andPacific Rim) was unveiled for the original graphic novel, art attached.  Then the audience was wowed with the Jeremiah O?Flaherty web short, released prior; it can be viewed at www.playhawken.com.  Khang Le, Creative Director at Adhesive Games, and Dan Jevons, of DJ2, elaborated on the Warner Premiere digital series for Hawken set for release in 2013.  This news was immediately followed with the announcement of the Hawken feature film.  Scott Waugh, of Act of Valor fame, has signed on to direct.  Bandito Brothers, co-founded by Waugh, will produce the film.

Meteor Entertainment is successfully implementing a transmedia approach for Hawken.  The goal is to make a killer game with a back-story that can be told across multiple mediums.  Each segment of the transmedia approach: the game, web shorts, digital series, original graphic novel, and feature film all tell a story about Hawken in a specific time.  Each piece is so well told that it could stand-alone but they all work perfectly together.  This can only be done thanks to some very talented folks who have brought together the vision of Hawken.

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