The Headless Knight Invades Knights Fable

One of the free to play multiplayer games, Knights Fable, released its regular update last week. Knights Fable is one of the top online RPG games that pay a lot of attention to player suggestions. It is known that the operations team often uses the game forum to call on all players to share their opinions and ideas about the game, whether good or bad. Our latest hero, the Headless Knight, should be able to live up to the wants of some of our top players. To meet player demands, we have enabled him with the Fate Skill.

The Headless knight was once part of the nobility, a brave knight who had killed many enemies on the battlefield. Unfortunately, during his last fight, he was defeated by enemies and had his head cut off. Resentful of his death, the Headless Knight would appear on the outskirts of the desert village road to look for his lost head. There was no way to keep the headless knight away, he became an angry demon and would kill anyone who looked even remotely like him in order to cut off their heads, thinking it was his own. Now that he has become a top notched hero in Knights Fable, only true heroes can summon him to their party! Considering the evil actions of his past, the Headless Knight didn’t use to possess the fate skill as a penalty. But it seems like our players have a special connection to this this hero and suggested we improve him. As we usually do, we decided to listen to our fans and added the fate skill to this hero, making him an ideal partner in this game!


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