Helm’s Deep Suffers Delays In Lord Of The Rings Online

Helm’s Deep has attracted record-breaking numbers to the testing servers in Lord of the Rings Online but it’s not all good news as Turbine recently announced a launch delay for the eagerly awaited expansion. The pre-purchase and experience points boost events were meant to end over the weekend with the expansion launching on Monday, November 18th. However, unforeseen issues caused severe problems for the award-winning developers, forcing them to impose a delay.

The official launch date for the expansion has now been moved to November 20th with the pre-purchase and experience points boost events extended to the same date. A post on the official Facebook has more details:

All LOTRO Game Worlds and Websites are now
available. Thank you for your patience while we worked to resolve issues
that resulted from a power outage at our data center. In order to
provide the best possible experience for players, we will be delaying the release of Helm?s Deep until Wednesday November 20th.

As a result, we will be extending our Helm?s Deep pre-purchase offers
as well as the 100% XP boost and Bounder?s Bounty events until the 20th
as well.

A large number of servers suffered due to a power outage at the main data center, forcing Turbine to restore previous data when they were hoping to be prepping the servers for the Helm’s Deep launch. Most servers are now back up and running with the remaining few expected to be fixed soon:

are looking into the cause of and resolution for these issues, including
undertaking some lengthy diagnostic investigations. We will update
folks in the morning (Eastern time), or sooner if there is a need for
additional messaging. We appreciate your patience.

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