Heroes Of Newerth – Security Breach

Maliken, a member of the S2Games development team, recently made a post on the official forums detailing a recent security breach discovered last Sunday, December 16th. The security breach placed the private information of Heroes of Newerth players under risk as it had the potential of giving away user passwords and other information.

The development team have since implemented new security features to avoid this happening again in the future but players have still been advised to change passwords on other websites or games if they use a similar variation in Heroes of Newerth.

Additionally, while the game was down we upgraded all security systems. The game is back up and all HoN accounts will be prompted to create a new password. All passwords will be expired upon next login. However, we do want to reiterate that those who used the same password for HoN to access anything else to change their passwords. We take security very seriously. Players must know their sensitive information is secure and S2 will ensure this is the case, no matter the effort or cost.

S2Games aren’t the only victims of security breaches and hacking over the last month or so. The War Z recently recovered from a forum breach that removed a large portion of the player posts and the Wii-U was also hacked, resulting in a number of upcoming games being leaked across the internet.

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