Herokon Online Introduces New Region In Latest Update

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Silver Style today released an update filled to the brim with exciting new content for the award winning free-to-play browser MMO, Herokon Online. The explorers of Aventuria have a lot to keep them occupied with the release of the latest update, including the opportunity to explore an entirely new region.

The new region brings with it a sequel to the popular Blade of Destiny campaign, which includes an increase in the level cap up to level 45. To support the new content on display in the new region players can also unlock achievements and titles. Finally a new world map has been added including the community requested travel system, removing the monotonous exploration of previously discovered areas to reach new content.

The new region, Thorwal, introduces 6 new types of enemies to Herokon Online and a vast array of new NPC characters and allies. For more information you can view the gallery below or click the link to visit the official website.

Source: Official Website

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