Heva Clonia Online Open Beta Date Revealed

OGPlanet have revealed that players will finally get the opportunity to explore their upcoming point-and-click MMORPG game Heva Clonia Online on October 17th. The first round of closed beta testing was considering a huge success following an overwhelming response from players and the open beta is looking to follow suit with the introduction of a number of new features. The open beta will bring with it the highly anticipated guild system, monster battles and brand new dungeon challenges.


  • Clone Monsters as Pets
    – Defeat monsters in battle and collect their DNA to create brand new pets to aid you in combat
  • PVP Monster Battles – Test your ability as a trainer in intense PvP battles against other players monsters
  • Guild PVP Battles
    – Guild VS Guild battles are available. Earn your reputation as you climb the leaderboards and defeat your enemies.
  • Couple-Dungeons
    – Dungeons specifically created for just you and your monster with the promise of epic look
  • Mini-Games
    Tons of unique mini-games help break up the grind as players can earn in-game currency and experience points.

All players will be granted access come October 17th so if you want to explore the new world of Heva Clonia Online, head on over to the official website.

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