Hi-Res Textures Headed to TERA Beta

Tera Online Avatars

If you participated in the TERA closed beta and felt that the graphics could use some improvement, you?re not alone. As it turns out, the game was operating in low-res mode?hi-res texture packs are being made available as of today.

Once downloaded and installed, you?ll be able to use hi-res textures in the next beta, starting February 24. Before you start celebrating, it?s worth noting that the textures push the client download up to a whopping seven gigabytes; you?d better start downloading now.

You?ll also find a few minor tweaks to the game, as detailed by the company?s official patch notes:

  • The “Contact Support” button now brings you to the TERA Customer Support page on the website.
  • Moving the mouse pointer no longer skips the opening cinematic movie. It can be skipped by press any key.
  • The LFG, Vanarch, and Party Alert chat channels will now be moderated.
  • The description for Soothing Rhomb has been corrected.
  • When trying to create a new character, you will now be notified if you have reached the maximum number of characters on your account for that particular closed beta test.
  • Achievements will now display in the chat window properly.
  • This build replaces some existing textures with high-resolution textures. They will display if you set the graphics options to maximum.

Check out the full patch notes for more details. Otherwise, get to downloading! You only have a few days before it?s time to jump back into TERA.

While you?re downloading, why not let us know what you think of TERA so far?

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