How Big of a Factor Is Multiplayer In A Game – MMOpinion

Recently there have been a few games where I’ve noticed that the multiplayer was halfheartedly done, or just kind of thrown in at the end because it sells well.  I can understand that much, adding multiplayer to a game extends its life and makes it playable for much longer than a solely single player game would.  But is it a huge factor to me when determining whether or not I want to buy a game?  

My answer is no.  There are several games I’ve bought recently that were single player only.  And I’ve had no problem dishing out the necessary monies to play those games.  Do they last as long as a multiplayer game?  Maybe not.  But would I think differently if they threw some random multiplayer elements into the game to make it that much more appealing?  I’m not sure I would.

What about you.  Do you think multiplayer is a huge factor when you buy a game?  Do you have any problems with a single player game that only has a few hours of gameplay before it’s “beat”?  What are some of your thoughts and mmopinions?

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