How Do You Deal With Nerd Rage – MMOpinion

An epidemic of biblical proportions is sweeping the globe. Thousands of nice people find themselves damaging expensive equipment and screaming at PC monitors. There is currently no known cure for what medical professionals are calling “Nerd Rage”, but the Department of Mental Health at NIMH have released some tips to help innocent people avoid contamination.

Under no circumstances should you participate in online games fitting the MMOFPS niche, a title given to games that offer first-person competitive game play against players that will always be better than you, regardless of your skill level. There is a common mistake among gamers giving them the impression that practice makes perfect. However, several case studies have proven that there will always been someone in these game types heavily afflicted with Nerd Rage. This is when the disease it as its most contagious.

Secondly, do not associate yourself or interact with someone knowingly affected by the disease. Despite your best efforts to pacify the situation with reasoning and logic, the affected individual will always somehow manage to convince you that the other player was indeed hacking, cheating, or otherwise just being an ass.

I myself have been hit by Nerd Rage on a number of occasions. When playing Call of Duty, FIFA, or practically any competitive online game ever conceived. Do you ever get the urge to throw a control pad, or a small child, across the room after losing at your favorite game? Do you take regular breaks to avoid anger? Leave a comment below.

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