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With next-generation consoles just around the corner, how do you want to see the MMO game industry evolve to the next level? I recently touched on the lack of evolution in MMO gaming, but I wanted to get your thoughts on exactly what you hope to see in the next evolutionary leap.

I remember first playing Red Faction, watching in awe as I was able to carve pathways and shortcuts through solid rock. Blowing apart every aspect of the environment as I tore apart my enemies. In a similar fashion I was just as amazed at the RvR and dynamic questing in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. Although some MMO games do attempt to build on these unique features, we’ve never really seen a massive leap.

So what do you want to see in the next big step for MMO gaming? The next-generation consoles are attempting to bridge the gap between players with social sharing features and integration, but this is already easily achieved in MMO games thanks to programs and websites like Raptr and Xfire.

If I was to choose the most lackluster features in MMO gaming, I would have to opt for questing and combat. Although some games do make these features a little entertaining, I don’t think any have really wowed the industry. Sadly I lack the imagination to come up with any innovative ideas to improve these two features, but there’s undoubtedly room for improvement.

So if some brand new technology was released, or developers announced PC to console MMO gaming, what big features would you like to see changed? Do you have any ideas to improve the lackluster aspects of MMO games? Leave a comment below.

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