How much will you spend on a virtual item – MMOpinion

Get your pony here! ?Get your $25 Sparkly Pony here!

I can hear some vendor yelling that now. ?Trying to get ?you to buy this silly sparkly pony. ?But look at it, the pony is so cute! ?Oh, and it makes you go +10 faster? ?SOLD! ?GIVE ME THAT PONY!

That’s what goes through my head when I try to justify buying an in-game item. ?I’d like to say i’ve never given in to the developers and bought an item for the sheer look of it, but alas, i’m not that strong. ?We’ve all done it though .. right?

How about yourselves? ?Have you bought any in-game items before? ?Was it purely?cosmetic?or did it actually make you better? ?What’s the most that you would spend on an in game item?

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