Huge Amounts Of New Content Coming To Shards Online

The Shards Online team today sent out a newsletter to their community, revealing details on the top topics that have been keeping the team over at Citadel Studios busy in the build up to brand new stretch goals and exciting new content.

The brand new Catacombs Dungeon is being worked on and will include a randomly generated environment to challenge players and their allies. Animators are also hard at work on improving character animations and putting together a brand new trailer to truly showcase the wonders of Shards Online. The Alpha 1 testing phase will take place in Spring 2016 with an Early Access launch expected to arrive a few months later.

Other points of interest on the letter:


  • New variations of the Catacomb Dungeon
  • So you think you can mod contest moving to April
  • A variety of new pledge rewards that include access to exclusive maps and shards
  • New stretch goal of $250,000 will see tamable horses enter the game world


Source: Newsletter

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