Huge List Of Fixes Coming To DayZ

Bohemia Interactive have launched the latest DayZ
on the experimental branches on Steam, bringing with it a host of
technical changes and few new changes for some of the popular weapons
and most common animations. If you’re not familiar with the current
patching methods for DayZ the developers first place it on a few
experimental servers before releasing it to the wider public on the
stable servers – players can only access experimental servers through an
opt-in feature on Steam.

It’s another lackluster update in terms
of new features but it does show that the developers have been hard at
work making adjustments to the small but important elements of the game
that don’t currently function correctly. A number of building mechanics
have been addressed, adding spawns to previously empty areas such as
Military Tents and Police Stations while loot itself has been tweaked
slightly to reduce the regularity of military items appearing in certain areas.

have also received some much needed attention with new military zombies
being far stronger than their civilian based counterparts. For a full
list of fixes and adjustments you can check the patch notes below. The
update is expected to launch on stable servers week ending February 7th.

Source: Patch Notes

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