Ideal Campaign Length – MMOpinion

When it comes to constructing a video game’s campaign, there’s a very fine line between the quality of content and the amount of it. On one hand, gamers expect an enthralling story to take them on an emotional roller coaster through a vast world more fantastical than their own; while on the other hand, said gamers have also spent $60 on their brand new game and they want enough content to justify the deep reach into their pocket.

Unfortunately, in most cases, the two cannot exist in perfect harmony while the other is in great abundance. When content is in excess, the story often falters or is critiqued for being too slow and dragged out longer than necessary. Meanwhile to keep the story fresh and exciting, content is often sacrificed to keep the plot rolling at a brisk pace.

So what is it for you — that point where you can say that you’re satisfied with a campaign? Do you prefer a meaty 20-30 hour campaign running the risk of narrative/gameplay exhaustion, or are you content with a lean 10 hours of solid story? Does the inclusion of multiplayer affect your expectations of length or quality?

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