Infinite Crisis Welcomes Atomic Green Lantern

Turbine and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today revealed the next Champion heading to the battlefield in their increasingly popular free MOBA game, Infinite Crisis. The Green Lantern is getting another dose of creative attention following Septembers release of Arcane Green Lantern. The iconic hero returns on October 28th with another DC Multiverse iteration this time from the warn-torn world of Earth -17 with Atomic Green Lantern.

The alternate path of the Green Lantern is not one filled with hope. Following the massive nuclear attack in the Earth -17 era, civilization has been pushed to the brink of extinction and only a select few heroes remain. Suffering an accident while searching for survivors Hal Jordan was injured and forced to have his arm amputated before the infamous radioactive isotope restored power to his ring, but at a severe cost.

Atomic Green Lantern has little to look forward to and now spends his last remaining days attempting to restore hope to the survivors of Earth. Check out the official reveal video below for information on his skills and abilities.

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