Introducing Trojan War From Kabam Games

Kabam Games has just released their newest free to play strategy MMORTS game! The game is called Trojan War: Reckoning of Zeus.

Trojan War is a city building game set in the time of ancient Greece. ?You are on the brink of war and must train your soldiers to die for the honor of their people and the future of their empires. ?In the game you will transform your city-state into an empire. ?You will construct your city and expand your territories.

You must choose a god that gives you special powers to lay waste to the opposition. ?You will amass an army and train legions of mythical monsters and men. ?Building loyal alliances will help you on your quest as you collaborate in real time!

And of course this game is free to play right in your browser! ?No need to waste time downloading anything, just click below and start playing.

Play Trojan War for FREE right now!

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